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Ancillary Provider Services has created “The
Premier Wound Care Program”

Prospera™ PRO-I™ The Advanced Alternative
for NPWT The Prospera™ PRO-I™

Specialized Bed  Sentech 1000, 1200,
Skin Guard Mattress Replacement

Ancillary Providers Services offers a state-of
-the-art Enteral Nutrition Program

Ancillary Provider Services, Inc. (“APS”) has established itself as a full service provider specializing in the long-term and extended care setting. Our success is based on teaming the highest level of clinical and educational support with supreme products.

APS is created on the premise of being your partner - your right hand in running an optimum facility. With ancillary products being such a vital component of your facilities daily needs we have become leaders in the industry, understanding the cost sensitive nature of reimbursement coupled with your high clinical needs.

Through our team of healthcare professionals, APS has set levels above those mandated by any state, federal or any government agency and unmatched by any local competitor.

Ancillary Provider Services prides itself on offering close and personalized service to all its contracted facilities. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is available 24 hours a day for ongoing consultations and inquiries concerning almost any topic related to skilled nursing facilities, their operations and special needs.

We look forward to being of service.